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Like Mike B’s Facebook Page to Get Fun and Exciting Updates on the Miami Heat!

As one of the most experienced and acclaimed public sports announcers in the nation, Miami Heat PA Announcer Michael Baiamonte is definitely a people person. He’s spent years invigorating tens of thousands of people around the nation with his distinctive voice, energetic style, and boundless energy. So it’s little surprise that he maintains an active Facebook presence that allows him to continue connecting with his crowds while promoting his beloved Miami Heat.

By liking Mike’s Facebook page, you’ll be able to learn about him, the services he offers, and the many great events he participates in – who better to keep you up to date on the latest sports events than such a famed Miami Heat Announcer? You can see exciting photos and links about fun Heat Road Rallies, upcoming competitions, and Heat-related festivities that are open to the public!

Of course, you’re always free to directly Contact Michael Baiamonte for any questions about his services, which include voiceover work, commercial, master of ceremonies, and more. Just provide your name, email, and event details and he’ll contact you right away. Mike B offers a flexible schedule and pricing options. All you have to do is provide the script, which he will read, record, and email to you as soon as you need it. It’s quick, easy, and guarantees a memorable and timeless video.

Michael Baiamonte is always looking to connect and celebrate with fellow Heat fans, or to provide his professional services to whoever needs them. If you want to learn more about what he has to offer, or to help partake in great Heat-centered events, just visit his Facebook profile or contact page at





Why Michael Baiamonte is The Top Choice for Business Commercials

Are you looking to promote your business, product, or service in the most effective way possible? Do you want to stand out from all the competition, especially in this busy holiday? Then why not utilize the services of the most famous Miami Heat Announcer in history?

For over two decades, Michael Baiamonte, also known as Mike B, has been the undisputed “Voice of Miami.” Not only did he represent the city with his distinct style and energy, but since 1990 he has also served as one of the premier voices of South Florida sports in general.

It goes without saying that it takes a lot of vigor and passion to be a sports announcer, especially for a team as well-known and watched as the Miami Heat. Michael Baiamonte’s long and distinguished tenure as the signature Miami Heat Announcer proves his exceptional talent – one that you can now utilize for a memorable and attention grabbing commercial.

Michael Baiamonte has garnered much praise and recognition for his announcing skill – local media has identified his creativity and announcing style as granting him “one of the most recognizable voices in the South Florida sports market,” while Mike Berardino of the Orlando-based Sun Sentinel noted that his vocal performance “energizes Heat home crowds.” Needless to say, you’ll be energizing plenty of potential consumers too.

You can rest assured that Michael Baiamonte has the credentials and qualifications. In fact, he has an illustrious career as a successful and versatile voice actor. For the past two years he’s been heard nationwide on both radio and television, namely as the distinctive voice of Brandsmart USA.

Other prominent include companies and groups he’s worked with include Top Rank Boxing, Ritz-Carlton, Hilton Hotels, Nike, Mercedes Benz, FedEx Orange Bowl, Assurant Solutions, and Miami-Dade Public Schools. Needless to say, the Miami Heat PA Announcer has got a proven track record.

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