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Spice Up Your Golf Tournament With Professional MC Michael Baiamonte

Golf is one of the world’s biggest sports, and it’s growing more popular every year, attracting many prominent public figures and celebrities. Given its increasingly higher profile, golf tournaments draw in big crowds and lots of attention, making them very opportune venues for all sorts of causes, from corporate functions to charitable events.

Regardless of your intentions – whether for work or pleasure – it’s vital to ensure that your golf tournament is as fun and engaging as possible. You want attendees to be energized, engage, and having fun. That’s where a Master of Ceremonies, or MC, like Michael Baiamonte comes in.

Renowned nationwide as the signature “Voice of Miami,” he’s been the leading sports announcer for the Miami Heat, one of the NBA’s top teams, for two decades. His distinctive and energetic style continues to drive thousands of fans wild – and is now available for the golf green.

An MC serves the vital role of keeping an event moving, which entails hosting the event, presenting prominent speakers or performers, engaging the audience, announcing occasions and updates, and so on.  Needless to say it takes a lot of vigor and passion to be any kind of sports announcer, especially for a team as popular as the Miami Heat, which is why Michael Baiamonte should be your top choice for the job.

His unique experience as a Miami Heat Announcer is ideally suited for the role of MC, especially for golf tournaments that rarely get such treatment. His extensive experience as a voice actor and MC includes stints for BrandsMart USA, Top Rank Boxing, Ritz-Carlton, Hilton Hotels, Nike, Mercedes Benz, FedEx Orange Bowl, Assurant Solutions, and Miami-Dade Public Schools.

There’s little doubt that Michael Baiamonte will guarantee a fun, festive, and memorable golf tournament like no other. For more information, contact us here!




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