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See What Fans Out There Think About Michael Baiamonte

Michael Baiamonte is a well-recognized PA announcer and Emcee, best known for his long-time and exclusive role as the Miami Heat Announcer. Since 1990 Michael B. has entertained HEAT fans with his signature calls, including “Tooo Many Steps”, “Threeeeeee” and “Dos Minutos.” Michael’s creativity and unusual style have led local media to refer to him as “One of the most recognizable voices in the South Florida Sports Market.” Also known as the “Voice of Miami,” his distinct and energetic style has accrued him some lasting fans. Below are just a few testimonials from some of his supporters.

“The energy and the atmosphere at a game, every little bit helps, and Mike has that captivating voice.” -Heat forward James Jones

“To Heat fans, he is one of the reasons Miami Heat games are so much fun to go to. He is there to excite the Miami Heat fans, not for the fans of the other teams.” -Brandon L.

“…You would love Baiamonte. His screaming antics are 1/4 of what makes the game awesome to diehards. There’s a lot of emotional attachment to his voice. When he yells practically opera-style at one of our players’ successes, or when he grumbles and mumbles an opponent’s name in such a low, surly voice that you can’t even understand what he just said… it’s like watching basketball with a fanatical bipolar friend. Nothing could be better.” –Janine O.

Michael B. has been recognized by national media outlets such as USA Today, who referred to his “Goooooood Mourning” call for an Alonzo Mourning dunk as “The best call by a Public Address Announcer.” The Boston Globe recognized Michael’s contribution to the HEAT Home court advantage when they wrote, “And don’t forget Shaq’s many helpers, from the celestial Dwayne Wade…to an undeniable advantage at home with one of the NBA’s truly hideous public address announcers”.

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