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Master of Ceremonies for Golf Tournaments

Golf has rapidly become one of the world’s biggest sports, especially among the rich and famous, who increasingly enjoy both playing and watching. Moreover, South Florida boasts some of the best and most inviting golf courses in the nation, particularly in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County. Golf tournaments are among the most popular events in high-society and can be attended by hundreds of guests at a time.

It’s important to ensure that your golf tournament is a fun and engaging occasion. Due to its growing popularity, golf tournaments draw in big crowds and lots of attention, thus becoming excellent venues for promoting all sorts of events; from corporate meetings to charitable causes, a golf tournament can be a big boost to almost any campaign, cause, or goal. But regardless of the occasion, an energized and entertaining golf tournament is a must, and in order to impassion and invigorate the attendees, you need a Master of Ceremonies, or MC, to help keep things moving. This entails hosting the event, presenting prominent speakers or performers, engaging the audience, announcing occasions and updates, and so on.

For your next golf event, turn to acclaimed Michael Baiamonte, the recognized “Voice of Miami” to really make an impact. For two decades he’s services as the leading sports announcer of the Miami Heat, one of the NBA’s top teams. His unique style and infectious energy helped drive thousands of fans wild, and will no doubt have the same impact on the golf green.

Michael Baiamonte is a well-recognized PA announcer and Emcee, best known for his long-time and exclusive role as the Miami Heat Announcer. Michael’s creativity and unusual style have led local media to refer to him as “One of the most recognizable voices in the South Florida Sports Market.” To learn more about how you can acquire Michael Baiamonte’s services for your next event, just visit our contact page and provide your name, email, and request and Mike Baiamonte will get back to you as soon as possible.

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