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Master of Ceremonies

A Memorable Master of Ceremonies

Michael Baiamonte, also known as Mike B, has long been recognized by millions as the preeminent “Voice of Miami.” For two decades, he consistently represented Miami to the nation as the key sports announcer of the 2006 NBA Championship winners, the Miami Heat. Michael Baiamonte’s unique style and infectious energy helped drive thousands of fans wild – and will no doubt make him an unbeatable Master of Ceremonies.

It takes a lot of vigor and passion to be a sports announcer, especially for a team as active and popular as the Miami Heat. Michael Baiamonte’s long and distinguished time as the signature voice of South Florida sports is ideally suite for being a Miami Master of Ceremonies, also known as an MC. The Master of Ceremonies is the official host of a given event, tasked with presenting performers, speaking to the audience, announcing occasions and updates, and – most importantly – keeping the event moving.

Given this role, an MC can make or break any given event, so it’s important have only the best and most qualified to fill the role. As a sports announcer, Michael Baiamonte was enlivened an audience of tens of thousands, not to mention millions more watching at home. Keeping such a large crowd enthusiastic and entertained takes talent that can easily be applied to hosting events.